We would not be what we are today without the amazing help from the venues, partners & creatives we work so closely with. Here's a short list with a link to their respective socials - they're a solid bunch.


Jack Poole (Poile art)

Jack is one of the most creative (and hard working) people we have worked with. His incredible imagination and engineering knowhow has created some of our finest installations.

The infamous walk through kaleidoscope, the disco ball astronaut, the pineapple mirror ball and countless other set designs - Jack is one of the main reasons Cosmic Disco parties have been so memorable.

He's now starting work as his own design company working on festivals and other large scale projects.


Our resident illustrator and graphic designer, Will Da Costa, has authored all our artwork and graphic design for five years. He’s been a key contributor, faithful friend and has had a big influence on how our event brands are perceived.

Check out our socials to see his most recent work and upcoming exhibitions.

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theatre delicatessen

Finding abandoned or disused spaces and creating a home for and supporting the creative people of London & Sheffield is what Theatre Deli do in a nutshell.

Really, they are much more than that, working with numerous groups, charities and organisations they help those that need it and promote all art forms as a positive way of improving everyone's day to day life.

They've homed many of our events recently and we can't wait to work with them more as they settle into their new space. Exciting stuff!

bal fashions

An unassuming speak easy and events space in the Castlegate quarter of Sheffield, Bal Fashions was set-up as a part of the regeneration initiative in the area.

Just Shake events manage the space and run events here regularly, guests include Bradley Zero, Esa, PBR Streetgang, DJ Fettburger, Mafalda & Emma.

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The palace

An international artists collective and non-profit events company that nurtures the development and interdisciplinary exchange of emerging artists. They run arts-residencies, festivals, creative events and projects from Berlin to Barcelona, the US to the UK.

The main event is a ten-day summer arts-residency set in a seventeenth century palace which is slowly becoming a haven for creatives all over the world.